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[URGENT] IOS SSL Vulnerability

This is just a quick post. It looks that a nasty 0day IOS SSL vulnerability has been discovered in Apple’s IOS 6, 7 and Apple TV. You can read more about it here.

The good news is that Apple provides updates already and there’s also a page available where you can test if the browser from your iPhone is vulnerable. So, if you wanna sleep tight, check out and if it says that you must update, then do so.

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Vuln iPhone Browser

ILSpy after Red Gate .NET Reflector

What is ILSpy?

I was reading last night an article about how great Red Gate .NET Reflector was (and still is), but many people were disappointed when Reg Gate announced back in February 2011 that the Free version of .NET Reflector ceased to exist. :|

Well, the good news is that some very smart guys got together and started the development of ILSpy, an open-source project which is very similar to .NET Reflector.

Screenshot from

Some opinions say that ILSpy kept most of the functionality from .NET Reflector, it does the work pretty well and is very easy to use, but you can go ahead and check out where they provide other screenshots, links to their community and a very long list of features. :)

Great work, guys!